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Packaged gas supply


Liquid gas supply




Packaged gas supply

Offering innovative solutions

For years Air Liquide has been offering innovative solutions in the field of cylinder supply to improve safety, cost savings and ease of exploitation.

Why choose us

Air Liquide offers complex solutions for supplying clients with gas, innovative packaging being one of our main focus.  

Innovative cylinders

If the gas consumption of your production does not exceed 1000-1500m3 per month, we can offer you our products in innovative 50l cylinders with a pressure of 200 kgf / cm2.

Main advantages of Air Liquide cylinders vs standard 40l cylinders:

  • Up to 70% more gas in the cylinder, while the full weight of the 50l cylinder is the same or smaller than the weight of the 40l cylinder
  • All branded gases are supplied in cylinders equipped with "intelligent" valve SMARTOP:
  • Built-in residual pressure valve that guarantees the purity of the gas in the cylinder and prevents its contamination
  • Built-in pressure gauge that allows you to control the gas in the cylinder
  • ON / OFF handle that allows you to quickly open / close the cylinder
  • Built-in gas flow restrictor

In addition:

  • All cylinders for special gas mixtures are fitted with the mixing tubes which guarantees the homogeneity and stability of the mixture in a wide range of temperatures and for a long time.
  • All cylinders are equipped with a protective cap SCANDINA, providing easy transportation of the cylinder and valve protection
  • 50l cylinders are not subjected to the Order of the PTH 116, which restricts the lifetime of the cylinders to 20 years

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We offer our cylinders for rent, which allows our clients to avoid extra capital investments.