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Packaged gas supply


Liquid gas supply




Liquid gas supply

Proven expertise in liquid supply of gases

Liquid gas supply


Air Liquide has proven expertise in the supply of liquid gases (using dedicated cryogenic trailers) for medium and large needs. We are uniquely positioned to deliver our customers the best in liquid supply.

Our strong track record for reliability draws upon our logistics, tank telemonitoring and service capabilities to create premium bulk supply offers tailored to our customers.

To this end, our teams deliver, install and maintain the storages our customers need for their manufacturing processes. For gas consumption of more than 1,500m3/month or for cryogenic technology uses, we offer classic installations or compact air gases cryogenic vessels (Skid Tank solution).

As a result, customers benefit from our industry leading level of service so they can focus on their operations.

How it works

The gas source in your company is one or more cryogenic pressure vessels installed on your territory. The gas in such a tank is stored in liquid form at very low temperatures.

  • Installation and maintenace of the storage and the necessary cryogenic equipment for the duration of its operation is conducted by Air Liquide;
  • The gas supply from the storage into the pipeline system of your company is carried out in gas or liquid form, depending on its final application;
  • Control of the flow and residue of gas in the tank is operated by Air Liquide using remote telemetry monitoring system;
  • The shipping and replenishment of the tank with liquid gas in the amounts and within the time frame required for its smooth delivery to the point of consumption in your company is provided by Air Liquide using specialized (road) transport.



Organization of liquid gas delivery system includes:

  • Gas Supply System Engineering;
  • Installation of the cryogenic equipment;
  • Ensuring safe operation of equipment;
  • Production of liquid gas;
  • Planning of gas supply;
  • Delivery of gas;
  • Maintenance of cryogenic equipment

We offer our clients a complete solution for gas supply, including planning and gas delivery, installation services and maintenance of gas equipment, as well as engineering, technical and industrial advice on gas use.

Reliable partner

Our reliability as a technical gas supplier makes our clients trust us. Air Liquide is committed to meet your expectations.

Large network of modern gas production sites, a wide range of high quality products, specialized delivery transport, round-the-clock telemetry control of gas reserves in customers’ tanks, a single control center for supply planning and qualified employees allow us to ensure a reliable supply of gas products.

We deliver gases of required quality in the demanded quantity on time.

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