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Packaged gas supply


Liquid gas supply





Specially designed for clients with gas consumption up to 4500-5000m3 a month and/or having a significant number of consumption points, we offer our products in innovative bundles in which fit sixteen 50l cylinders with a pressure of 200 or 300 bar.


  • Larger amount of gas: 200 bar bundles offer almost 70% more gas than in 16 standard cylinders of 40l.
  • In a 300 bar bundle the amount of gas increases by nearly 50% compared to a 200 bar bundle. A built-in inducer that decreases the pressure at the exit allows to join a standard regulator to the bundle used in your production process.
  • Bundles provide greater autonomy in gas consumption and a continuous supply of gas for a longer period (as compared to cylinders). Up to 16 bundles can be connected via a ramp.
  • Bundles allow to significantly save time on the connection and disconnection process of the cylinders.
  • Bundles reduce logistical costs. More gas can be delivered in a 300 bar bundle compared to cylinders of a smaller pressure.
  • Bundle are equipped with an RPV valve, which guarantees the presence of residual pressure and prevents contamination of the gas in the bundle.
  • All bundles for gas mixtures are equipped with special mixing tubes that guarantee the homogeneity and stability of the mixture in a wide range of temperatures and for a long time
  • Bundles have pressure indicators, allowing to control the residual gas in the bundle at any time
  • 300 bar bundles are equipped with an on/off handle, allowing to quickly turn on/off the bundle.  

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We offer our bundle units for rent, which allows our clients to avoid extra investments in infrastructure.