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Engineering & Construction

More than just technology

Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions, the engineering and construction activity of the Air Liquide Group, builds the Group's production units (mainly air gas separation and hydrogen production units) and also supplies external customers with its portfolio of technologies.

Worldwide engineering expertise

Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions is an international leader with a local presence. With over 3,500 employees and 15 engineering centers worldwide, it reflects the diversity of its markets and regions. It combines technical expertise with innovative proprietary technology to help both the Air Liquide Group and customers from a wide range of industries to engineer, construct and procure gas processing facilities and related infrastructures.

Its solutions meet its customers' growing needs for safe, reliable and competitive operations, and optimize their use of natural resources. In this way, Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions contributes to transforming industries and improving the way people work.

More than just technology

Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions offers customizable solutions that cover the entire lifecycle of engineering and construction projects. ITs customers are looking for support in project management, execution, and risk management, as well as the optimization and maintenance of plants once they are in production. Engineering&Construction works with them to solve even the most complex challenges.

Safety and quality are key concerns. Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions ensures that every action it undertakes, from initial design to construction, reflects its goal of ensuring personal safety, and protecting the environment.

To achieve this, it has a diverse team of experts with extensive experience in areas such as process design, detailed engineering, piping and instrumentation, and electrical, mechanical and civil engineering. Its people's ability to constantly question conventional ideas and continually find new solutions is what makes Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions different, and has allowed it to file over 1,600 patents.

A full suite of services

ITs portfolio of services includes everything from initial conceptual and feasibility studies to turnkey solutions and the handover of the completed facility. It provides five main types of solutions:

Long Term Service Agreements: A closer partnership through premium services adapted to your specific needs including, for example, on demand technical support (hotline), definition and optimization of maintenance programs and performance guarantees.

Product Support Services: remote technical assistance, monitoring and diagnostics, customer training and safety audits and recommendations.

Engineering Services: conversions, modifications, upgrades: from conceptual and feasibility studies to project execution for the improvement of existing plants, design for third parties and validation, performance improvement programs.

Site Services: sending our experts on-site to resolve issues, check performance, install new components, supervize planned or unplanned shut-down events.

Spare Parts Services: specific lists and supply for your asset management, safety stocks, interchangeability studies, compliance with updated regulations.

It has also built a comprehensive program of customer training courses. Through a combination of theoretical classes and hand-on sessions, participants can learn about a variety of subjects, including the design and operation of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plants, safety in handling and transporting cryogenic liquids, and the maintenance of cryogenic plants.

Proprietary technology

Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions is strongly committed to finding new and innovative ways to answer its customers' evolving needs. In response to this challenge, it has built a comprehensive portfolio of proprietary technology.

From its pioneering development of air separation technologies to its renowned Lurgi Methanol to Propylene (MTP™) technology for methanol production, its innovations help optimize its customers' facilities and better integrate their processes.

As a responsible company, it designs all its technologies to be as environmentally-friendly as possible, enabling its customers to reduce the environmental impact of their production facilities.

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