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Temporary and emergency gas services

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Temporary and emergency gas services

Our offer

Are you planning to use new gases and technologies in your production?

Do you need additional gas volumes due to a temporary increase of production?

Do you need gas for a period of construction and reparation work...компанией Air Liquide стационарной системы газоснабжения Вашего предприятия?

We can help you solve these problems!


Air Liquide will ensure the supply of gas, mobile cryogenic equipment as well as a full range of services related to temporary gas supply during the fulfillment of your project, for several days to several months.


Our solution includes:

  • Evaluation of your gas needs
  • Delivery and installation of equipment
  • Equipment start-up
  • Telemetric control of residual gas in the tank
  • Supply planning based on telemetry data
  • Delivery of gas by specialized transport
  • Advice on the use of gases and gas technologies
  • Disassembling and removal of equipment at the completion of the contract