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Telemetry service

Ensuring continuous supply of gas

Air Liquide has developed a remote telemetry monitoring system to track the level of liquid in the storage at the customer's site. This innovative technology ensures a continuous supply of gas to the customer.

Our offer

The telemetric control system checks the level of residual gas in the storage, which is set up at your site, in a round-the-clock regime, and automatically transfers data to Air Liquide servers.

Air Liquide’s control center uses information from the telemetry system on the amount of residual gas and the dynamics of its consumption at your site to plan deadlines and volumes of the future deliveries, fill your storage and ensure a sustained supply at your production site.

This organization of gas deliveries frees you from the obligation to control the level of residual gas and place delivery orders. If necesseray, you can always send us a delivery order for an unplanned gas delivery.

You can always inform us in advance about any significant changes in your gas consumption at your site. These changes can be caused for example by an increase in production volumes, introduction of a new work shift or reparation works. Warning us in advance about the possible change of volume consumption will increase the reliability of deliveries and prevent the necessity of additional orders of production.

Information on consumption and change in the residual gas is saved on Air Liquide servers and can be provided to a customer in a report upon a demand.