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Packaged gas supply


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Cylinders rent and delivery

Most convenient and safest use of our gases

Cylinders rent and delivery

Air Liquide offers its customers additional services: rental of cylinders and delivery - providing the most convenient and safest use of our gases.

Cylinders rent

Air Liquide’s innovative packaging - cylinders and bundles - are available for rent.

Main advantages of the renting vs standard exchange model:

No need to invest in your own cylinders’ park

50l cylinders not subjected to the Order №116 PTH - no risk of outdated lifetime cylinders that are not suitable for exploitation

No expenses for periodic inspection of cylinders / bundles

You rent exactly the number of cylinders / bundles that you need - there is no need to keep large number of cylinders at your facility


Along with the cylinders we rent special pallets for their storage (15 cylinders). Pallets can be placed directly at the facility, and cylinders can be used without being removed from the pallet.


Cylinders/bundles delivery

Air Liquide offers its customers the delivery of full cylinders / bundles.

Main advantages of our delivery services:

Scheduled days of delivery, applications acceptance sent the day before the planned date. You always know when the truck with the gas will arrive, so you can plan the gas order depending on your consumption, thus reduce costs.

Availability of a forklift on the truck to simplify loading and unloading operations. Better service, time and cost savings

Unloading pallets with cylinders directly on the storage site

Possibility of customized pallets with different types of cylinders: we bring everything you need in one pallet

Large transport park - there is always a delivery vehicle available

All drivers are trained to work with cylinders and have the necessary approvals, which reduces risks during loading / unloading of cylinders