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Packaged gas supply


Liquid gas supply





High-purity nitrogen

Air Liquide supplies liquid and gaseous nitrogen to every industry. For example, the food and beverage industry requires varying quantities of both liquid and gaseous nitrogen for food processing and packaging applications and to help maintain safe temperatures as food products are stored and transported. Nitrogen is widely applied for heat treatment processes in metal fabrication and automotive industries under ALNAT brand. Laser applications need nitrogen in order to provide metal cutting by laser-machines. Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industry consumes nitrogen for temperature control and freezing with stringent quality and regulatory requirements. Refineries and petrochemical plants require large volumes of gaseous nitrogen to purge oxygen and moisture during blanketing operations.  

Air Liquide supplies compressed nitrogen gas and liquid nitrogen in a range of purities and concentrations.

Air Liquide engineers various grades of pure nitrogen under the ALPHAGAZ™ brand. ALPHAGAZ 1 grade of pure nitrogen has a purity of  99.999%.  


Supply modes

Air Liquide supplies nitrogen in varying quantities to meet the needs of many industries. Smaller quantities are available in single high-pressure compressed gas cylinders and multi-cylinder packs. Air Liquide supplies bulk nitrogen via truck or on-site nitrogen production technologies. We supply extremely large quantities of nitrogen to customers in the chemicals, oil and gas and metallurgy industries.