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Nexelia for Biological Treatment

Comprehensive offer for waster-water treatment

The Industry challenge

Water-waste treatment has become a major concern. In some regions, water is scarce, and environmental protection is a growing necessity. As a result, the industry needs reliable, cost-effective technologies to comply with today’s strict regulations regarding waste-water discharge.

Industrial gases can provide you with a truly effective solution to help you boost your plant capacity, optimize operating costs, or resolve various foam and odor issues.

Nexelia for Biological Treatment is an all-in-one gas solution, which consists of introducing pure oxygen into biological basins for the respiration of bacteria (activated sludge) which digest biodegradable pollution. Advanced gas injectors are used to dissolve oxygen in the waste water.

Nexelia for Biological Treatment is suitable for municipal or industrial waste-water treatment plants.



Pure oxygen dissolves better in water than in air. Therefore, using pure oxygen can increase the capacity of a waste-water treatment plant by up to 50%.
The total power consumption required to transfer pure oxygen in water is reduced by 50% compared to air. Operation and maintenance costs are 25% less.


Implementing pure-oxygen technology makes it possible to reduce the size of a new waste-water treatment plant or increase the capacity of an existing one. Additionally, better oxygen dissolution allows for nitrification (ammonia oxidation) in an existing aeration tank


The oxygenation of the biological flock is enhanced when using pure oxygen. Filamentous bacteria are eliminated and the flock is more compact. Sludge settling improves without any foam and sludge flotation at the surface of the secondary clarifier


There is no dissolution of nitrogen from the air when dissolving pure oxygen. The stripping of light and volatile compounds that generate odors are almost totally eliminated.

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