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Air Liquide has extensive experience with world-class chemical companies across Russia and worldwide. To meet the diverse needs of the chemical industry, we provide industrial gases in varying volumes and supply modes as well as a range of specialty gas calibration standards and carrier gases to aid regulatory compliance, quality and process control. Our range of products, technologies and services will help you operate safely, efficiently and in a sustainable way.

Turn-key solutions for large-scale chemical producers

Air Liquide’s integrated value proposition for large-scale chemical manufacturers includes the stable long-term supply of industrial gases, specialty gas calibration standards for analysis, process control and environmental compliance, and a range of proprietary production and processing technologies. Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions – a technology partner of choice for the design, engineering and construction of leading-edge processing facilities and related infrastructures worldwide – offers a full suite of customizable solutions for the chemicals industry to help you optimize and integrate processes with smarter and efficient technologies.


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