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GCE X511

The original solution for all Industrial Cutting applications. 2271

GCE X511®, the original solution for all Industrial Cutting applications.

The GCE X511® Original cutting torch range is made for perfect cutting, developed to meet industry’s highest demand. The design and profie is chosen to give perfect balance and optimum control in continuous operation.


  • Oval handle for positive grip
  • The valves for regulation of preheating oxygen and fuel gas are forward mounted for easiest control of the flame
  • The cutting oxygen lever is specially designed to give maximum control of all operations, ideal for piercing, gouging and rivet washing
  • Length, balance and profile are chosen for best control of operation
  • Low weight
  • The knob valves have a self centering stainless steel valve stem for positive seating and long life
  • High quality brass cutter with stainless steel tubes
  • Large capacity, cuts sheet 500 mm thick


The main body components are brass, designed to withstand treatment. The strong metal handle in combination with stainless steel tubes makes the torch robust and safe to use.


The well designed control knobs make it simple and fast to control the flame and the valves are designed to give smoothest possible control. The position of the lever gives ease and comfort of operation. 

Art. Nr. Length (mm) Angle Inlet connection oxygen Inlet connection
fuel gas
767690 470 75° G3/8" G3/8LH
767689 470 75° G1/4" G3/8LH
767699 470 90° G3/8" G3/8LH
767688 470 90° G1/4" G3/8LH
763391 470 180° G1/4" G3/8LH
767693 855 75° G3/8" G3/8LH
767691 855 90° G1/4" G3/8LH
767694 855 180° G1/4" G3/8LH
767697 1155 75° G1/4" G3/8LH
767696 1155 75° G3/8" G3/8LH
767695 1155 90° G1/4" G3/8LH
767698 1155 180° G1/4" G3/8LH