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A safe and reliable supply of pure argon and argon gas mixtures


Air Liquide supplies argon and argon mixtures in various volumes and purities. Argon is used as a protective atmosphere for a large number of industrial processes, including steel manufacturing, welding and metal fabrication, electronics and automotive parts manufacturing, and food preservation. Argon is also used in fluorescent lighting applications and serves as a non-reactive thermal blanket in double glazed windows.

Argon pure gas and argon gas mixtures are commonly used in shielded arc processes for welding aluminum, stainless steel, bronze and copper. Used as a shielding gas in arc welding, root shielding and plasma cutting applications, argon provides an inert atmosphere to prevent oxidation or other chemical changes that would be detrimental to the weld. In steel manufacturing, argon prevents interaction between liquid metal and the surrounding atmosphere.

Related brands

Air Liquide offers ARCAL™ brand pure argon and gas mixtures, with four ready-to-weld products that cover practically any welding application. Each one is designed to be easy to use, reliable and efficient, when and where you need it.

In laboratories, ultra-high purity ALPHAGAZ™ brand argon is engineered for gas chromatography, zeroing and other analytical and process-control applications.

Related Supply Modes

Air Liquide supplies pure argon and argon mixtures in various volumes and concentrations, as well as bulk volumes. As part of our bulk argon supply solutions, we install argon storage vessels at your facility and have the ability to monitor supply levels to ensure deliveries are scheduled as needed. Our supply network includes customer deliveries via truck. We supply smaller quantities of pure argon and argon gas mixtures in high-pressure compressed gas cylinders.